We dispense both NHS and private prescriptions and keep a record of what we supply.

When you bring in a prescription, the record tell us whether you may safely take a medicine with any others you make be taking.

The labels on your medicines remind you about precautions such us avoinding alcohol and not driving if you fell drowsy.

We have a wide range of well know products which you can buy - many are only available from a pharmacy.

You can talk in confidence to the pharmacist about then and about common ailments and their treatment.

Come in and help yourself from our display of free healthcare leaflets covering many of the topics we get asked about.
Look out for new ones each month.

You can be confident that our counter staff are properly trained using accredited courses so they can advice you about treating common ailments. They may ask some simple questions so we can check that you get the most suitable advice or product. They might suggest you speak to the pharmacist before buying anything.

For more details on our services call us on 020 8360 1671

Or email us via our Contact Us Form on our website